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Livesilver Africa


🌍 The purpose of this company is to bring cryptocurrencies, justice and blockchain to the Africa region through our strategic partners. To rapidly create economic growth in the region and contribute to the home country through this initiative.

Livesilver eDiscovery America


  Livesilver Britannia Group


Our new cryptocurrency and digital asset by the name of ₿ritannia 🇬🇧 will be launching in 2021.
We are a direct subsidiary of Livesilver Consulting. 

Company by royal ascent under 👑 His Majesty King Charles III

I~Quantum JusticeSoft 1.0


justicesoft 1.0.png

I~Quantum JusticeSoft 1.0 automates the outcome to a case by providing you with the quantum of proof by % via an app. Providing 100% access to justice for the consumer and organizations worldwide by 2050 🌐




Robo-advisors or robo-advisers are a class of financial adviser and legal advisor that provide financial advice or investment management online with moderate to minimal human intervention.

This will be provided by an avatar or by a physical robot.


 I~Quantum MetaverseJusticeVR 🤖 👓⚖️

 eDiscovery, LegalTech & Predictive Justice in a VR & AR world. Giving you the quantum of proof in a meta virtual reality world. (worldwide patent pending).

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Livesilver QR & Digital Identity



Scotcoin 2.0



Livesilver Brand 2


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The Anthony Silver Show Franchise



Livesilver Latin America (2022)


Livesilver Switzerland 🇨🇭, 🇪🇪 Estonia and Norway 🇳🇴 (2022)

Anthony's Folder.png

       Livesilver #CaliBritLA

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         Livesilver PropTech


Livesilver💶🇪🇺 Eurocrypt 🇺🇦🇷🇺💶🇪🇺


Livesilver introduces a new cryptocurrency and  litigation platform aimed for the Ukraine/Russia region decentralized economy.

                                                                             Livesilver💶🇪🇺 Eurocrypt 🇺🇦🇷🇺💶🇪🇺

Livesilver Smart Voting™ © ® ℠

ab6c20_71cb42b4a3044a6ca7eadcd37c044ed2_mv2_png_auto_x2 (1).webp

Smart voting ™ © ® ℠ is a new project which is a cyber security backed digitalised smart city/ smart country/smart territory/smart regional/smart political party voting system that verifies using cyber capabilities the accuracy of voting systems throughout the world. It also integrates our litigation systems into this to ensure the accuracy of the results of electoral systems throughout the world. ©

My Last Wish ®


My Last Wish ® is a new product from Livesilver Consulting, this enables you to submit a testimony of your last wish (a will in English vocabulary) ©

This product is backed by weapons and military grade cyber functionality to protect this information in a secure database on the blockchain. ©

It is available worldwide. 🌎🌍🌏 ©

ab6c20_71cb42b4a3044a6ca7eadcd37c044ed2_mv2_png_auto_x2 (1).webp

I~Quantum BehaviouralSoft Ψ🧠🖥️


Utilising algorithmic techniques, NLP and quantum to identify patterns in behaviour. Integrating 🌍 privacy laws. Based on Paul Eckman PhD work and integrating F.A.C.S and based on the leading & hit TV show Lie to MeTM. We use a range of sophisticated technology to protect our organisations and consumer. Integrating weapons and military grade cyber.

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